Dash of Pride -A Store For LGBTQ+ Life Moments

A store for LGBTQ+ life moments

We know what it's like to feel let down by the lack of options for LGBTQ+ celebration supplies, and not being able to find what you want easily.

It’s no secret that the event industry, particularly weddings, caters to heteronormative society. If you've looked for special occasion decor and favors, you've likely noticed that choices can be limited. Like everyone planning an important event, we want you to have fun and feel supported in making your vision a reality.

At Dash of Pride, that’s exactly what we’re hoping to do.

In 2019 when my wife and I were married, we realized our community was underrepresented when it came to event decor and supplies, making our dream wedding difficult to plan. Products for two women (or two men) proved challenging to find. We ended up buying two packages of "Mr & Mrs" products to make a "Mrs & Mrs" set of chair backs. And in that moment of frustration, the idea for the brand was born!

Our mission at Dash of Pride is to create a welcoming space where you can shop, plan, and design your own life. If we don't have a product you desire, or if you have ideas, please send them our way. We are listening!

We would be honored to be a part of your celebration. When you shop with Dash of Pride, we hope that you'll feel a sense of belonging in a community that "gets you" and supports you. 

We help you have a smooth shopping experience so that years from now, when you look back on your special day, all you’ll remember is a day full of love.


Our Fight for Equality

While we work to change the event industry we want to support those who have been working hard to effect change in our community.  We are joining forces with two hand selected charities and donating 1% of all our net profits to them. Together we can fight for equality!