Our 5 Favorite Tees to Show Off Your LGBTQ Pride Year Round

Our 5 Favorite Tees to Show Off Your LGBTQ Pride Year Round

Just because June is over doesn’t mean that you can’t show your Pride every day for the rest of the year! In fact, we highly encourage it! Pride month has always been a time to celebrate the resilience of our community and to reaffirm who we are and who we love. At Dash of Pride, we believe LGBTQ Pride lives inside of us every day, so we’ve rounded up our 5 favorite Pride tee-shirts that you can rock all year long-- whether you’re hanging out with friends or lounging in at home. We can’t wait to see how you wear your Pride!

1. Love All Pride V Neck Tee:

This tee-shirt encompases it all! The LOVE ALL is made up of all the different LGBTQ flags and is a great statement on LGBTQ inclusivity and love. We have it available in both a V neck and a crew neck, and comes in either white, athletic heather grey or a darker grey.

 2. Transgender Scribble Pride Tee:

We love the simplicity of this design and the scribble gives way to artistic and creative expression. With the tee shirt colors coming in white, athletic heather grey and black, it’s a perfect backdrop to any of the flag your heart desires (Pansexual, Bisexual, Rainbow and Transgender)

 3. Non Binary Pride Flag Stripe Tee:

This comfy cotton tee will have you showing your true colors with a classic stripes down the center in the flag of your choice. Available in Nonbinary, Bisexual, Rainbow and Transgender flag stripes with a choice of white, athletic heather grey or darker grey for the tee.

 4. Ally-Rainbow Pride Tee:

Calling all ally’s! You can wear your support of the LGBTQ community right on your sleeve! Wearing one for someone you love in particular? We’ve got this shirt in the flag colors of the Rainbow, Bisexual, Pansexual, Nonbinary and Transgender communities. Show everyone loud and proud that you’re a true ally to LGBTQ folks everywhere!

 5. Two Connect as One:

Need a shirt to match with your partner? Look no further than the two connect as one tee! Talk about #couplegoals! This shirt is designed with a pair in mind, so you can show off your love with pride! Available in a tee shirt and a tank!

We hope that no matter where you are in the world, you’re inspired to live your life with Pride every day, and that you always remember what a cherished and special part of our community you are. You can check out our whole line of LGBTQ pride tee shirts and apparel here, and don’t forget we have kids pride tees too!





Jamie Thrower (Pronouns: she/her)

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Jamie is owner of Studio XIII Photography in Portland, OR. 
She is an extremely talented artist and storyteller with a 
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