5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Engaygement From Home

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Engaygement From Home

So you just got engayged-- now what? 


Congratulations! You just got engayged to the love of your life and you can’t wait to share your good news with the world. After all, what the world needs now more than ever is LGBTQ love stories and happily ever after moments right?! While you may not be able to call up all of your closest friends and family to come over and pop open some champagne with you, here are 5 ways that you can still celebrate your big news and get you started thinking about planning your dream wedding!

1- Make sure you call or text your most important family members and friends first.

No one who is special to you wants to feel like they are the last to know, so make sure you cover your bases and talk to all your key family members and friends to share the good news before posting to social media. Maybe even facetime them to show off your engagement ring!

2- Make it Instagram Official

Now it’s your time to shine! There are so many fun and creative ways to share the big news with your followers and friends. Take a cute photo of the two of you, create an artistic flat-lay shot, or include a fun prop like our engayged mug! This is a great opportunity to share your proposal story with the world too! 

3- Start thinking about your wedding and create a vision board

This is the fun part! Set aside some time with your partner to start thinking and dreaming about your wedding. Grab a special drink, make a date night out of it, and start putting together ideas for what you want your wedding to be like. Think about your location, venue, colors, decor, flowers, and any other details that you can think of. Now is the time to dream big-- you can scale it back down and fine tune it once you put a plan in motion. Did you know we are on pinterest? We’ve got some inspiration boards to help get you started! 

4-Book a photographer for a socially distanced engagement photo shoot

Engagement sessions are a great way for you to do a test run with a wedding photographer and also get some practice of being in front of the camera. Pick a location outside that is special or meaningful to you and pick outfits that feel like you. There’s no right or wrong way to do engagement photos-- this is an opportunity to capture your unique love story during this exciting time in your life.

5-Treat yourself!

Engagements are A BIG DEAL! Treat yourself accordingly with some fun engagement swag. We recommend one of our super comfy wedding tees or a pride weekender bag-- afterall, you’ll need something fun to carry with you on your honeymoon!

Have a special and unique proposal/engagement story? We want to know! Share it with us so we can feature you on our instagram stories! Once you’re ready to start planning we’re here and ready to help you add a Dash of Pride to your dream wedding.


Jamie Thrower (Pronouns: she/her)

Contributing Author

Jamie is owner of Studio XIII Photography in Portland, OR. 
She is an extremely talented artist and storyteller with a 
deep commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.





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