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San Fransisco, CA

About this Vendor

Our mission is pretty simple ... While our obvious goal is to take our couple's vision and help them bring it to fruition, what we're really here to do is take some of the stress of wedding planning off their plate so that they can enjoy the process as well as the big day. After all, it's a celebration, let's keep things joyful and festive!

Meet The Team

Jessica G. - Founder/event specialist

San Francisco native, slightly obsessive-compulsive, practical and a bit goofy at the same time. 100% a dog person.


Cierra W. - Event specialist Smallish

Oregon town girl, enjoys camping, hiking, and river rafting. Also a dog person.


Brenda S. - Event specialist

Super creative, doesn't love driving in big cities, had her own wedding published in a wedding magazine. Also a dog person.


Jessica F. - Event specialist

From SoCal but used to work in the Tennessee smokey mountains, is not ashamed to admit she loves video games and anime, prefers public transportation over driving. The lone cat person of the group.

Jessica Goldblatt


(415) 264-2764

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